Chain from RounDuo® Beads is emphasized with triangles Kheops® par Puca®. This is our new delightful set “Cleopatra”.

For the work we will need:
– Kheops® par Puca® beads:…
– 2 hole RounDuo® 5mm beads:…
– Seed beads 11/0:…
– Fireline or thread:…
– Findings:…

Content by minutes:
1. Materials (00:16-00:50min)

2. Bracelet weaving steps:

  • 2.a. Central chain from RounDuo® Beads 5mm (01:09-01:55min)
  • 2.b. First turn (01:56- 03:29min)
  • 2.c. First side (03:31- 07:00min)
  • 2.d. Second turn (07:04-09:15min)
  • 2.e. Second side (09:15-10:45min)
  • 2.f. First turn for the second time (11:08-13:34min)
  • 2.g. Second turn with second end of the thread (15:02-17:32min)
  • 2.h. Small pendant (17:48-19:26min)
  • 2.i. Attaching findings (19:27-23:22min)

3. Earring beading (23:27-32:41min)

4. Set demonstration: long earrings and tie necklace (33:37-34:32min)

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